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Participants are lodged in fully equipments apartments in individual or double rooms to be shared with other foreign students.

All the apartments have kitchen and laundry facilities.

The positive side of sharing a house with someone else is that students get to practice their social skills 24/7, being able to learn new customs and traditions from other countries.

Eventually, participants will end up having new international friends and learning how to live happily with someone who has different ways of living.


In order to help with the initial arrival arrangements, we offer an optional ‘Meet and Greet’ service.

As part of this service, someone of MOVIDEA’s staff will be at the airport or the bus stations of Granada, Malaga, or Sevilla to meet you or your group when you arrive. We will take care of accompanying the accommodation you have chosen.

We can also organise a private minibus or your public transportation trip.

For any transportation issue or concern please contact us at the following email address:

cultural activities

Andalucía is a great region for walking, sightseeing and history learning. It is renowned for its exceptional variety of attractions, its flourishing cultural scene and a way of life that's both fast-paced and relaxed. Museums, theaters, historic buildings, grastronomy, etc... There is a lot to see and we can take you there. 


At the end of the program the participant will have adquired the following certifications:

  • Language course (level adquired)

  • Certifications: Europass, if required and  final evaluation;

We offer spanish language courses adapted to the student level (from A1 to C2 under the Common European Framework).

Our staff have a high experience learning to people from different countries.

language courses

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