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Andalucía is one of the most exciting and vibrant regions of Europe, a magnet to young people, especially Erasmus students, who want to pursue their life and career aspirations while living in one of their mainly cities that offers a high standard of livinglively nightlife and excellent public transportation facilities at reasonable prices.

With its enormous historical heritage and significance, Andalucía is a beloved destination to tourists from all over the world.

Thanks to the affordable costs of living and its tuition-free universities, offering a wide range of courses in numerous fields of study, Andalucía is becoming the point of reference to an increasing international Erasmus student community.

This is a land of culture, history, parties, nature areas and excellent food. You’ll be able to visit everything from outstanding monuments to a wide variety of different natural landscapes… and you’ll have the chance to take part in several unique popular events and sample a range of delicious gastronomic products. One way to discover the culture of Andalusia is by exploring the sites which have been awarded the UNESCO World Heritage designation.

In GRANADA, you’ll see the Alhambra palace, the Generalife gardens and the mediaeval Albaicín neighbourhood or go skiing in the Sierra Nevada ski resort.

In SEVILLA, the cathedral, the Alcázar palace and the Indies Archive and the April Fair in Seville.

In MÁLAGA, you’ll find a variety of natural landscapes which range from the beaches of the Costa del Sol.


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